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The Taylor & Francis Subscriber Services site lets you see your usage statistics and reports. It also provides the facility for changing some of your account and subscription details.

The site is optimised for screen settings of at least 1024x768.

The Home page lists all subscriptions that relate to your account. These may be trial or live subscriptions, and may include old, expired trials.

Product: The links in the PRODUCT column take you to the live site for that product. If your subscription does not have a status of OK you will not be able to access the site, and will be taken to the publicly accessible pages for the site. If your subscription in OK you may need to log in using your user name and password, if your account is not set up to authenticate using IP or referrer credentials.

Status: For each subscription, one of the following will be visible in the STATUS column:

  • OK: A normal active subscription/trial.
  • Suspended: Accounts with subscriptions which have been detected as the target of abuse.
  • Cancelled: Subscriptions which have been formally cancelled by a customer. This status is applied by T&F staff.
  • Expired: A subscription which has passed its end date. Subscriptions are checked for their expiry on a nightly basis.
  • Provisional: A subscription (trial or full) which has been added to the database by a customer (including via self-registration), and which is awaiting their acceptance of the licence agreement.
  • Unchecked: A subscription (trial or full) which has been added to the database by a customer (including via self-registration), and the licence accepted, and which is awaiting authorisation by T&F.

Type: The TYPE column details whether your subscription is a trial or a full subscription.

Usage Reports

This page is an access point for historic site statistics as well as the reporting functions.

Subscriber statistics: The single period and monthly history reports each have fairly similar functions, delivering their output in slightly different formats. The former presents the data for each product for the whole period requested; the latter breaks this down by month.

The data to support the reports has been generated from the release of the new T&F Access Management System. Therefore, entering dates for periods before June 2003 will not retrieve any data.

Select the period for which you require statistics in the Period commencing and Period ending fields (or leave them blank for all data since June 2003). If you have a subscription to more than one product you can view the data relating to individual products by selecting the required option in the Product name drop down.

Normally, just the name of your own organisation will appear in the Institutions drop down. However, if you are a library consortium or trade supplier, the names of your member organisations will also be listed, and can be selected individually, if required.

The report can be displayed in your browser, or delivered to you in a number of other ways, either to download or email. If you wish to email the report to yourself or another user, please add the address in the appropriate field (note that only a single address can be added here).

The report supplies core statistical data as outlined in the guidelines of the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC). If your subscription is limited by concurrency, the number of turnaways will indicate how often the concurrency limit has been exceeded and users barred from the product.

Historical Subscriber Reports: This page provides links to all the historic site statistics for each subscription to which you have access.

Account Update

Click on the Account Update item on the navigation bar if you want to update or change some of your account or subscription details. To change information relating to a specific subscription, click on the product name in the PRODUCT column (see Subscription Contact Update below).

Account Update: Please make any changes you may require to the credential details, such as adding or removing a new username and password or referrer. Please take special care in editing the Admin Usernames and Passwords field since these are the credentials you use to access this Subscriber Services site.

Note that the access management system does not allow duplicate credentials, so, for instance, if you try to register a username that has already been used, you will be asked to supply an alternative.

When adding a referrer address, please ensure that the url is a protected page within your own network.

Subscription Contact Update: Please use this page to change or update any of your own contact details. Please note that, if your institution has more than one subscription, you may need to make these changes to each product.